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All-Hill Sunriver Trip: January 4th-6th, 2008

We are now taking applications for the "All-Hill Sunriver Trip," January 4th-6th, 2008. Many of you have gone before and are familiar with this event, and some of you are new to this event. For those that are new, detailed information about this event follows the instructions, which begin here:

***please use that gifted noggin of yours to follow the instructions as closely as possible

1) Condos come in sizes of 8, 10, 12, and 14. Groups yourselves accordingly (which may be less than 8) and Student Council "staff" will arrange you the best that they can into a fitting condo. The price is "per pillow," not bed, and you may share your condo with others. But just like Radiohead said, meeting people is easy. So, for each group, write down on a piece of paper each person's a) FULL NAME, b) SCHOOL/PROGRAM, c) E-MAIL, and d) PHONE NUMBER.

2) Make out **INDIVIDUAL** checks for each person for $50/each, made out to "OHSU Student Council". Sorry about the inconvenience, but it makes things much easier for us.

3) If you want "Family-Friendly" housing, which amounts to you being sequested in a queiter row of condos, then indicate that on your group's attached piece of paper.

4) submit the piece of paper with everyone's information and the checks to Dustin Johnsen, Vollum Institute 4th floor, Mike Forte Laboratory (or my desk, which is across from the 4th floor elevators, to the left of the stairway, and all the way back by the windows).

5) The deadline is THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8th by the end of the day.

You can e-mail me with quesitons at
you can e-mail God at to request snow.

INFORMATION (provided by the OHSU Student Counci)l:
1) How do I get to Sunriver? The Sunriver Website has a MAP

2) What do I eat while I'm there? There are full kitchens where we are staying including fridge, dishwasher, stove and pots, pans and other utensils. Yea for cooking! Otherwise, "there are a number of dining options at Sunriver Resort. The Meadows at the Lodge, The Grille at Crosswater, or the Merchant Trader Café. For evening entertainment or lighter fare, try The Owl's Nest pub." DINING

3) When & Where do I Check In/Check out? At the main lodge (check the "Interactive Map", look out for the horses) anywhere from 4pm to 7pm. This is the official check in time so please try to get here between those times or have someone else in your cabin pick up keys for you. If you do arrive after 7pm though we will be there for a bit and we will be able to get you checked in. Just a REMINDER… the first person that gets there from each cabin will be required to put a credit card down for any damages. If you are strongly against doing that, either don’t get there first or let them know when you do get there if you are the first and they won’t turn on your cable television and phones until someone else in your cabin puts a card down. Please check out by 10:00am Sunday Morning.

4) What does my money pay for? The money covers two nights of lodging as well as the party/family friendly event that will be happening on Saturday night. There will be some snacky food at the party. The party starts at 8pm and will last until 12pm. There will be a cash bar there. For the people who are bringing families, there will be a family friendly room with DVD’s and possibly games… Ask about the location of both of these events at check-in.

5) Can I get discounted lift tickets? The only one we've found so far this year is through (a local outdoor store) GI Joe's, a local outdoor store. There is also supposedly a group discount thru Costco...? Mt. Bachelor prices can be found HERE

6) What do I do if I don't ski? Bike, Canoe, Kayak, Ice Skate, ride horses, explore the nature center and MORE

7) What if I have more questions?
Check out the Sunriver Website

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