Friday, December 12, 2014

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes: December 3, 2014

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2014
12pm, BRB381

1.    Travel Awards: Deadline extended to December 19th. APPLY FOR FREE MONEY!

2.    All-Hill update 
a.    Ski Trip: Jan 16-17(MLKJr. Wknd)
                                          i.    $65/ students, $85/guest
                                         ii.    Questions? Contact Andrew Sloan or Kayly Lembke
b.    Holiday Movie: ELF, December 4th @ 5:30
c.    Security at CLSB: armed, cell security if feeling insecure at night at CLSB
d.    Student center gym closed Dec 15-28
e.    Student Health now has extended hours on Thursday: 7am-9pm

3.    WIS
a.    Brown Bag on December 2nd with Owen McCarty
b.    Programming to start up again in January

4.    Research Week Update/ Teaser       
a.    “The Path Traveled” = theme for RW2015
                                          i.    Want to highlight new faculty
b.    Student Day is May 4th
                                          i.    If you are interested in helping with planning, contact GSO about being on a committee

5.    Volunteer Opportunities
a.    Science Fair Judging in the spring open to grad students
                                          i.    Go to or contact Tyler Risom for more information

6.    Student Blog: WE NEED BLOGGERS
a.    Contact Tia Linder for more information
b.    Also, Pulse is still accepting, contact David Edwards

7.    Coffee Break on December 18th at 2pm
a.    Requests: Pecan Pie, Hannukah Doughnuts, Fruit

8.    Pub Night on December 11th at Suki’s, 5-7pm
a.    GSO buys food and drink until the money runs out

9.    No word on the fate of health care
a.    Contact Rick Goranflo for more information

10.  Next Meeting: January 7th

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes
November 5, 2014
12pm, BRB381
1.    Summary of Fall BBQ            :  about 700 people, huge success!   
2.    Women In Science (WIS) Update
a.    Semi-annual mixer/happy hour cosponsored by Women in Academic Medicine Faculty.
                                          i.    Tuesday, Nov 11th from 5:30 to 8:00 pm at the Lucky Lab in SE Portland (915 SE Hawthorne).
                                         ii.    Funding Request: WIS “Mixer”/HH, $50 for appetizers -- APPROVED       
b.    Inter-institutional career development program with OHSU, Reed, L&C, PSU PhD students and post-docs
                                          i.    Talk to Kayly Lembke ( for more information
3.    Research in Progress Seminar Series (RIPSS) introduction by Abby Dotson
a.    RIPSS is an organization run by postdoctoral researchers that serves to enhance the postdoctoral experience at OHSU. We will provide space to receive constructive scientific feedback, and well as networking opportunities and career transition seminars. While this group is geared toward postdoctoral researchers, we encourage clinical fellows and senior graduate students to participate as we will cover a wide variety of topics relevant to all researchers. 
b.    9am on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month
c.    We have scheduled several great speakers for the fall semester (please view the attached list) and ask that people please click on the following link to sign up for presentations for the spring semester
d.    Contact Abby for more information:
4.    All-Hill Update
a.    OHSU student group Blazer night: Friday November 21, Blazers vs. Bulls
                                          i.    Students get discounted tickets
                                         ii.    Visit, password: OHSUNIGHT
b.    All-hill Ski Trip happening January 16-17 (MLK weekend)
                                          i.    $65/ students, $85/ guests
                                         ii.    Need a grad studies student contact person who is planning to go—Volunteers? Contact GSO if you are interested or willing.
                                        iii.    Jan 31: Habitat for Humanity Volunteer day
5.    Next GSO Pub Night tentatively scheduled for December 2nd at Suki’s. Keep an eye out for announcements. Free food and beer!!!         
6.    Open Science Open house/ round table sponsored by the library to discuss the impacts of open access science.
a.    Food and Beer/wine!
b.    New date still TBD. Watch for announcements.
7.    Student Center Update          
a.    Probably going to show a Blazer Game on Wednesday November 12th at 6pm food provided, alcohol for sale.  Watch for confirmation on the Student Portal and emails.
b.    Gymnasium is closed all day on Friday, November 14th for the SOD vendor Fair, reopens Saturday 15th at 9am.
c.    No IM’s the week of Thanksgiving (24th-27th)
d.    Reduced Student Center Hrs during the week of Thanksgiving:
                                          i.    Wednesday, November 26th 6am-9pm (close one hour early)
                                         ii.    Thursday, November 27th Closed
                                        iii.    Friday, November 28th 9am-5pm
                                       iv.    Saturday, November 29th 9am-5pm
8.     Student Health Insurance update from Rick Goranflo
a.    Changes to student health insurance possibly happening next year: OHSU to eliminate student health plan
                                          i.    Graduate students that normally have their health insurance paid for will still be covered by the university (med, etc.students that got reduced insurance rates will now be covered by cover Oregon instead).
                                         ii.    SOM is finding a replacement for insurance coverage for graduate students
1.    Maybe employee health plan, but don’t want that to be taxed like income…
                                        iii.    There will not be a gap in coverage.
                                       iv.    Student Health center will not change.
b.    Changes will be decided by December.
c.    Contact Rick Goranflo for more information:
9.    Professional Development Center update by Jackie Wirz
a.    “Learning Lunch” in late November about the difference btwn a CV and a Resume. 

Thursday, October 02, 2014

First GSO meeting of 2014-2015

1.    Welcome/Intro: We are here to represent and serve you, the student population at OHSU (everyone but med, dental and nursing)
a.    Your officers for 2014-2015
                                          i.    Kelly Chacon: President
                                         ii.    Kayly Lembke: Vice Pres
                                        iii.    Lilli Klug: Secretary
                                       iv.    Monique Smith: Treasurer
2.    Student Portal: your resource for upcoming events and news
a.    Check the portal at:
3.    Cloud storage now available for OHSU students:
a.    10GB of secure storage free for every student
4.    All Hill Events
a.    All Hill is putting on a Dodgeball tournament on Oct. 9 6pm-9pm.
                                          i.    Students interested in joining a team should contact Michael Veraz:
                                         ii.    Send a Team name, contact info, and a roster of 6-10 players (minimum 2-women per team) to
b.    OHSU student group Blazer night: Friday November 21, Blazers vs. Bulls
                                          i.    Students get discounted tickets
                                         ii.    Visit, password: OHSUNIGHT
c.    All-Hill Halloween Party: Friday, October 31
                                          i.    FREE FOOD AND BEER
                                         ii.    Costumes are encouraged
5.    Reoccurring GSO events:
a.    Coffee Breaks: Every 3rd Thursday at 2pm in the old Synapse
                                          i.    FREE COFFEE, TEA, and SNACKS!
b.    Pub nights: usually once a term: FREE FOOD and BEER
                                          i.    Upcoming Pub night on November 11 at Suki’s on Barbur
1.    Look for posters/ emails/ Portal about details
c.    BBQ  Friday, October 3
                                          i.    Call for volunteers: volunteers get a FREE GSO T shirt
                                         ii.    Invite your PI! It won’t be awkward at all…
                                        iii.    New this year: Giant Jenga, Corn Hole
                                       iv.    Same time and place as the information fair
1.    Over 70 resources for you as a OHSU student
2.    Get your flu shot
3.    Get your pint glass!
6.    Research Week: May 4-8. Energizing the Scientific community at OHSU
a.    Student day on Monday, May 4 to kick off the week
                                          i.    Alumni career networking night hosted by SOM Alumni Association to happen again this year
                                         ii.    Welcoming ideas for sessions to include for student day, besides poster session, talks, panels
7.    Women in Science:
a.    Brown Bag Session discussing Institutional Leadership with Jeanette Mladenovic  and Mary Stenzel-Poore on Wednesday, October 15th from 12-1 pm in MRB 634 
b.    November 11: WIS-WAM Happy Hour at the Lucky Lab on Hawthorne
8.    March Wellness Update
a.    New policy about keeping things in day-use lockers all day
                                          i.    If there are problems with students that bike-commute, let the GSO know. We can fight for you.
b.    New class: High Intensity Interval Training Class on Tuesdays at 5PM
9.    Topics from last year: Goals for 2014-2015
a.    have council (all-hill, grad affairs steering) reps come to our meetings
b.    encourage representation from programs
c.    Need more outreach: 
                                          i.    Velo Cult wants to do more science pub events
1.    1st Thursday, 15min, low pressure, open to students
2.    Contact Monique Smith for more info
                                         ii.    On track OHSU: Talk with school kids about science and your path to grad school, info session next week
                                        iii.    NW Science Expo: every spring, help judge science fairs
1.    Contact Tyler Risom for more info
10.  Professional Development Center at OHSU
a.    Director: Jackie Wirz (
b.    Help students develop professional skills to get a job, including alternative careers
c.    Host events and workshops
d.    Consultations available, contact Jackie Wirz
11.  Jackie Wirz is also your Graduate Student Affairs Representative
a.    Come to her with ANY problems, she is your advocate!
12.  Option for students to purchase life and long-term disability insurance:
Potential rates are below (ballpark figures) and would not be covered by their mentor or the SOM. 
-        Life Insurance
o   $50,000 of life insurance
o   Additional $50,000 of accidental death & dismemberment benefit
o   Anticipated premium = $25 per year or  $2.08 per month
-        Long Term Disability insurance
o   Disability benefit of $1,500/month, regardless of current income level (GME may also qualify for $2,500 per month, if group is interested)
o   Includes student loan payoff benefit for loan up to $200,000
o   Cost of living benefit increases
o   Benefits payable for a “presumptive disability” for to exposure to HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis B or C
o   Convertible to an individual plan upon completion of OHSU program, regardless  of personal medical history
o   Anticipated premium = approximately $65 to $70 for a full year or $5 – 6 per month

The offers and premiums above are subject to underwriting department review of the GME student census, and are provided only as an example.  The rates are an estimate based on other OHSU program offerings.  

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June GSO Meeting Minutes

Grad Council
Stipend raise
If your stipend already falls within the new range (from $26,000-27,500 to $27,000-28,500) then you might need to negotiate a raise with your PI and/or department head.
Minimum stipend has raised.
From the discussion in the meeting, some departments have different protocol on if and when you get a raise.

WIS on hiatus for summer
There will be a happy hour in mid July
Want to get involved or have suggestions on brown bag-contact Kayly Lembke.

spent about $450
Annual budget is $13,500 same as last many years.
Got rid of SRF and ski trip.
Added pubnights and

volunteer names collected

Research Week
poster sizes hard to find
need to have adverts for presenters in every department
student only presentations still good

Voting Welcome!
GSO president Kelly-voted in
GSO vice president Kayly-voted in
GSO secretary Lilli-voted in
GSO treasurer- Monique Smith-voted in

Next year
have council (all-hill, grad affairs steering, )reps come to our meetings
encourage representation from programs?
  would be a good idea.
  formalize reps

From Mug of Joe
Need more outreach
  NW noggin mornings July and August. teach at-risk kids about neuroscience
  Velo Cult wants to do more science pub events

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 2014 GSO meeting minutes

Grad council-
   Mini seminar series is being piloted in the fall for incoming grad students to help them with their grad career, including Critical thinking, Time management, Presentation skills, and Team dynamics. If Dr. Fryer's grant is funded, these classes will be mandatory for future classes.

Bowling night-
   Successful! 92 people came, spent $1944.
    Next year reserve more people to get more lanes, this year we promised 60.
Research week
  feedback-where's the beer?
      more food
       receptions every night?
budget was cut this year so no extra money
     can we realocate money from awards to beer
     department co-sponsor or other sponsors
alt careers, disappointed in variety in speakers
alumni night had all kinds of variety
   really liked all of that.

Women in Science announcements:
Science policy brown bag 11:30am Tues June 3. 11:30 am Mac Hall 2201
Brown bag with postdoc org-financial planning tomorrow May 15 Vollum 1441 2:30pm

Spring Quarter pub night
Thursday May 22nd
Suki, On Deck, Portland sports bar (patio), Lil Cooperstown? Probably Suki's because it will be easiest for us on short notice.

Spring BBQ June 13 5pm
   Need volunteers. Come eat and drink

New Council
   If interested, contact the current council for how to get on the ballot for June meeting

Q: What is the GSO travel award?
3-4 students each term, $400, based on need and seniority

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April 2014 GSO Meeting Minutes

April 2014 GSO meeting notes
1.      Taxes (John’s guest)
a.       Justin Kribs (Mac Hall 1120 Registrar and Financial Aid Office (503) 494-7872)
his time is free to you!!
certified CFP-looks at debt and whole life (looking to get married, become consciously coupled, long term planning)
no one in finance looks at grad studies
for example, the 1099-Misc situation
we have resource, but not enough for long term planning
can help with best ways of using the money you have
no sales or agenda
can't invest money for you or suggest insurance.
also cannot offer tax advice
offer classes and post presentations online
He is here at any time (7am-8pm) for you and your family
Can defer loans if you are full time grad student
2.      Center for Diversity and inclusion (Kelly’s guest)
Diversity Climate Survey 
2010 was the last time there was a survey
perceptions of diversity and inclusion on campus
this year there will be a followup
survey will be online
drawings for participating (first 100 respondents get coffee cart)
3.      Research week (John)
            Full schedule is online-keynote speakers everyday
            Student day has career workshops
            Alumni association is hosting reception with grad alum to talk about alternative careers that they've done
            Jackie Wirz is doing a data visualization workshop
4.      Grad council
a.       dress code
     for entire OHSU.
     Need to take temperature of attendees wrt dress code
     There've been a lot of complaints about people wearing scrubs in public space-buses, elevators
      Comments on preliminary dress code:
       "This is ridiculous!"
       "We don't work with patients"
       "It is sexist." 
b.      stipend raise
      haven't had a cost of living increase in 2 years.
      they voted for an increase but not sure what it will be
      $1500 increase would put us on pace with UW
      Mention to department head or faculty members that cost of living has increased
      4th floor conference Mac Hall Tuesday at 3pm
5.      GSO Spring events
a.       Bowling night (Cristina)
                                                              i.      Plug date and presale
                            April 19
b.      Quarterly pub night
                                                              i.      Set date for another Spring pub night
                            May 22
c.       BBQ date announcement (Friday June 13)
6.      Student center updates
7.      Other student run events
a.       Bouldering grad student hang out
"satellite GSO event" at the circuit at 6pm until whenever $10 day pass, $4 for shoes

b.      WIS announcements
April 22nd at Henry's, inviting special faculty to come to encourage mingling. Networking, advice. Engage in conversations about life and career.
     Upper back of Henry's
April 28th at noon.
      For postdocs, about balancing families/childcare with career.
      Flyers/room TBA.
      Same time as mug of joe.

Student portal
    Will replace the bulletin
    All news applicable to you (program, degree, year) will populate in "widgets"
    When it goes live this summer, there will be no more bulletin

Wednesday, March 05, 2014

March 2014 Meeting notes

Grad Council update (John)
Still arguing over qualification exams
They would like if all students wrote grant proposals. Trying to decide what's going into it- budget?
Library update- none
Student center update-
Thursday March 6th-full dinner and wine
Gym closed Friday 7th Black tie ball
Mug o Joe (Robertson) April 28th
Quiz bowl April 3rd
Research week update
Abstract submission deadline extended
3 keynote speakers
Workshops: make a poster, oral presentation, abstract (passed). How to get through grad school, get a job, mentor relationships.
Tuesday night reception/speed dating
Pub night debrief
It was really fun! Long happy hour 5-8pm. Interlab participation. Budget's doing well. Would like to do it more often.
Bowling night breaking details
April 19th. Should get head count through a presale $3. $5 at the door. Expect about 75 again but just in case there are less, we'll get a heads up.
Women in science
lunch March 10 and 11th Bringing in Kim Stegmaier for seminar-coffee hour and lunch with students (round table). free lunch!
Need money $$$ for catering $200 for all events. email julia maxim
Coffee breaks
Would like to bring them up to the BRB/MRB area from the student center
Vollum contacts:
Jill 1st floor
Liz Lawson Webber