Saturday, December 13, 2008

The 2009 GSO Ski Trip

The 2009 GSO Ski Trip will be held in Sunriver, Oregon the nights of Thursday, February 12th through Sunday, February 15th; check out will be Monday, February 16th (President's Day) at noon. Prices this year have increased for guests to $75, but remained the same for OHSU graduate students at $50. This increased was voted on by students at the December GSO meeting. The purpose of the increase is to relieve the portion of the incidental fee that subsidizes non-OHSU students. The money saved will be alloted for general use in the 2009 Student Research Forum; specific use of these funds will be voted on as the SRF budget materializes. Price increases are no fun, and we realize that guest attendance is essential for OHSU graduate student attendance, but we also feel that $75 is still a great deal for 5 days/4 nights at Sunriver Resort.

Houses sleep 6-12 people, so form your groups accordingly. As best possible, the student:guest ratio for each house should be kept at or above 1:1. Every house will have a private hot tub. Lift tickets at Mt. Bachelor are not included, but access to Sunriver's fitness center, pool, and recreation facilities is included.

While this event is called the GSO "Ski Trip," there are other activities available, including cross country skiing and sledding. ...not to mention just lounging around in your hot tub all weekend. See Sunriver Resort for more information.

Contact Raymond Hickey at if you have further questions.


1) Form your group and designate a "House Contact" person. The House Contact will be responsible for downloading and completing the 2009 GSO Registration Form, collecting all checks from house members, and providing an additional $50 damage deposit check. This deposit check will be returned to the House Contact when/if Sunriver has cleared damage assessment. All checks are payable to "GSO". Write the House Contact name in the subject line of every check. Except for the $50 deposit check, fees can be combined into one check as long as the total amounts match the total fee required for each house.

2) Use the below links to preview all available houses. Note that some houses have bunks as well as beds, so keep that in mind for couples and singles in your house.

3) Return completed registration form, checks, and $50 deposit check to Raymon Hickey in the Biomedical Research Building (BRB) room 753 by Wednesday, January 14th. Primary house requests are assigned to groups according to when completed forms and checks are submitted to Ray.

4) Have fun!

Repeat: deadline for registration is Wednesday, January 14th.


6 Big Leaf

6 Hart Lane

11 Lost Lane

7 Ollalie

1 Red Alder

7 Dogleg

15 Warbler

12 Cultus

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