Sunday, March 15, 2009

"The Pulse," Winter 2009 Edition

The Winter Pulse edition is completed and can be found in print around campus or directly downloaded HERE


Will said...

I was sad to see a spelling error on the front page of the Winter 2009 Edition of The Pulse. Here we are in the year 2009, and spell check is still under-utilized and oft-ignored. Shame on you, Dustin, and your "albumns" of the year.

Dustin Johnsen said...

It's a shame in 2009 that people still hide behind anonymity in their criticism, "Will," let alone direct their criticism of a typo to an author of a column, not an editor.

Nicole Kearney (, the Editor In Chief of The Pulse, as well as a hard-working student that essentially donates her time to the newsletter, would love to employ perfection in the future. Unless, of course, perfection will be out of style by 2010.