Thursday, April 23, 2009

Student Center and "The Nucleus" Grand Opening

There will be an open house all day on Wednesday, April 29th, 2009. Please see the below flier for details.

A few notes:
* Naming: "The Nucleus" is the name for the lounge and food service area within the grander "Student Center".
* While the open house will have food, permanent food services will not be available until mid-summer.
* The Student Center Food Service Survey sent around a month ago was overwhelmingly in favor of Stumptown Coffee and "certified" baristas (as am I), yet OHSU is sticking with Kobos Coffee, their largest coffee client. That said, Kobos has stated their commitment to providing us with quality and even offering to roast a custom blend for The Nucleus. Feedback on their success will be crucial in the coming months to see whether students are happy with Kobos.
* To no one's surprise, The Nucleus will not open with a steady flow of beer in hand, but OHSU isn't necessarily resisting this idea. The university wants to see that the Student Center as a whole is successful before venturing out into newer (*crazier) ideas, such as regulated beer and wine service on campus.

In all, I hope you can stop by to sample the first phase of the Student Center. So far I think it's off to a good start.

-Dustin Johnsen
GSO President
OHSU Student Council Vice President
OHSU Student Center Committee Chair

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Anonymous said...

Beer would certainly help people to come...