Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Nov 4th Meeting Agenda

Nov 4 Meeting Agenda:

Welcome, agenda overview, thanks for the food!: James (~5 min; 5:15)
Revision of budget: Josh (~15 min; 5:20)
Constant costs: Meetings for $2k, BBQ for $1k, ~$6k for SRF
i. remaining budget: ~$4k
b. Revised Budget Plan: two Student-Faculty mixers (snacks, beer, soda) at the Student Center for $1k each, Sun River ski trip for ~$1k
i. Student-Faculty mixer decision factors:
1. Student and faculty interest
2. More events keeps GSO presence fresh throughout the year
3. Promotion of the student center helps keep it on track for changes we’d like to see (beer being served, etc)
ii. Ski trip decision factors:
1. Student interest
2. Attendee willingness to pay an increased amount (~$100)
3. Making it a small part of the budget means more money
3. Ski Trip report: Eric (15 min; 5:35)
a. Current confirmed attendees: 12
b. Deadline for confirmation of attendance and payment
Bylaw committee: James (10 min; 5:50)
Description of need, Call for volunteers
Meeting schedule
5. Other business (~15 min; 6:00):
a. SRF report: Autumn
b. Online activity: James
c. GSO photographer needed!
d. Become a fan / follow what’s happening with the GSO:
i. Blog (same as last year): http://ohsugso.blogspot.com/
ii. Facebook: OHSU Graduate Student Organization (GSO)
iii. Twitter: OHSU_GSO
e. Need one volunteer to write a couple pages, four times a year, for Grad Studies Newsletter (in conjunction with someone from Allison Fryer's people)

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