Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Meeting Agenda: Dec 2

1. Welcome, agenda overview: James (~5 min; 5:15)
2. Ski trip update: Eric (15 min; 5:20)
___a. Current confirmed attendees: 33
___b. Deadline for payment?
3. Update – student stipend discussion in grad council: Josh (10 min; 5:35)
4. Planning for first Student-Faculty Mixer: Autumn (10 min; 5:45)
___a. End of Feb / Beginning of March
_________i. March 9: grad council meeting
5. Bylaw committee: James (5 min; 5:55)
___a. 5 volunteers so far
___b. First meeting in January
6. Other business (~15 min; 6:00):
___a. SRF report: Autumn
___b. Student Health Committee report: Eric
_________i. Need one more person to join this committee!
___c. GSO photographer: Paul?
___d. Online activity: James
___e. Become a fan / follow what’s happening with the GSO:
_________i. Blog:
_________ii. Facebook: OHSU Graduate Student Organization (GSO)
_________iii. Twitter: OHSU_GSO

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