Monday, February 15, 2010

Discount at Schmizza for all OHSU students

The closest Pizza Schmizza to OHSU, down on the riverfront, has generously decided to give anyone with an OHSU ID 15% off of any purchase. They'll deliver up the hill, too, in case you're in desperate need of some sustenance while you write up the results of your latest brilliant experiment.


David B. Dancy said...


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At Fraternal Composite Service, we do not make the so called 'modern', 'enhanced', or 'digital plaque' composites which primarily consist of a large single sheet of photographic paper with your pictures printed on it. In essence, these flat poster style 'composites' provide you with a large simulated photograph of what should be your traditional composite.

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Anonymous said...

Does this apply for us at the west campus? Probably not