Tuesday, May 04, 2010

May meeting agenda

1. Welcome: James (5 min)
2. Introduction of candidates for GSO Council 2010-2011
______a. President: Jim McCormack
______b. VP: James McKanna
______c. Treasurer: ?
______d. Secretary: Allison Anacker
______e. Volunteers for Student Council Representative, or any other committee?
3. SRF: Autumn
______a. Last-minute help needed?
______b. Number of people who submitted abstracts?
______c. T-shirt design selected?
4. Budget plans:
______a. Plan A (what we did this year): Meetings for $2k, BBQ for $1k, ski trip for 1.5k, a winter celebration for 1.5k, a summer/graduation celebration for 1.5k, ~5k for SRF
______b. Plan B: Meetings for $2k, BBQ for $1k, Ski trip for $4k, ~5k for SRF
______c. Plan C: Meetings for $2k, BBQ for $1k, two evening Guest Speakers for $1.5k apiece, ski trip for 1k, ~$5k for SRF
5. June Celebration (James)
______a. Friday, June 11, 5pm
6. Other Business (5 min)
______a. Bylaws: James
______b. Become a fan / follow what’s happening with the GSO:
____________i. Blog: http://ohsugso.blogspot.com/
____________ii. Facebook: OHSU Graduate Student Organization (GSO)
____________iii. Twitter: OHSU_GSO

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