Thursday, November 11, 2010

GSO Meeting Minutes: November 3, 2010

GSO Meeting Minutes

1. Student Health Center Update (Dr. Amy Gardner, Student Health)
  • Always cheaper to go to Student Health Center first! – no charge or co-pay for your visit – however, there are charges for labs, meds, etc. – students using this service helps keep insurance premiums down!
  • Convenient access (except West Campus – call to get appointment – parking pass or park in Physician’s Pavilion)
  • Medical services: primary care and referrals, pre-immunizations/pre-travel vaccines (pay for vaccines), contraceptives (including IUD for $15, normally $1500!), call for advice – all records hidden to other places at OHSU
  • Counseling services: free! – 2 psychologists, 1 part-time psychiatrist – all records hidden to other places at OHSU
  • Website under development – can use MyChart to ask for appointment
  • Prescription refills through pharmacy
2. Student fees (Jason Deignan, Student Council)

Incidental fees for non-academic activities – committee formed for budgeting fees – makes recommendation for approval by OHSU President, Student Council, and Board of Directors

Committee is taking input on spending at this time (email Jason).

  • $1.5 million
  • 52% to Student Center (>1/2 for staffing. <1/2>
  • 43% to March Wellness
  • 5% to Student Council sponsored activities (including donating to the SRF and GSO BBQ)
  • Rebate to each school’s government
3. Proposed Alcohol Services

James McKanna will follow up on the momentum for this agenda by contacting Karen Seresun and Jesse(?), potentially at a Student Center meeting – continue to follow up to get approval from Joe Robertson – Dustin Johnson will help where needed

4. SRF update (Allison Anacker)

  • Planning meeting late November – will send out an email requesting volunteers soon
  • Speaker Option #1 – should we spend >$3000 on Jorge Cham of Ph.D. comics?
  • Speaker Option #2 - Dr. Harriet Hall ("SkepDoc" and blogger on Science-Based Medicine)
  • Kristen will find out if we can use funds from OHSU Foundation account for this; council will make the decision

5. Winter/Spring Social Event TBD (Allison Anacker)

Mixed reviews on last year’s student-faculty mixer, but consensus to try again to keep faculty approval

  • Better advertising
  • Quieter music
  • Same food and drink
  • Ray Hickey will organize!
  • March seems like the best time – St. Patrick’s day?
6. West Campus funding for events (Nirzwan Bandolin, West Campus Liaison)

Discussed ideas with Allison Fryer, including bowling (rent out PSU for $800 including food!), coffee breaks, etc. – will present ideas in written form to VOTE on for December meeting

Next Meeting: Wednesday, December 1 (5:15pm Student Center Media Room).

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