Wednesday, January 12, 2011

GSO Meeting Minutes: January 5, 2011

GSO minutes 1/5/2011

Attendance: 11

1. SRF update (Allison Anacker)
  1. Next SRF Planning meeting scheduled for 1/19 – we still need several volunteers for small jobs!
  2. GSO will be requesting support from Dean and the SOM departments at Graduate Council 1/11 (Rachel) and will announcing the distribution of internal fund raising letters (McCormack).
  3. The SRF website will be up soon (web address to follow).
  • James McKanna requests input on categories for posters, talks, and timing.
  • The site will make it easier for judges to register this year.

2. Ski trip update
  • As of January 5, we have ~50 people in 6 houses – we may be over budget – to be discussed at February meeting.
3. Graduate Council update (James McKanna):
  • - Specific issue with one person has been resolved based on existing rules: Ph.D. students only need be enrolled full time for 6 terms of program, but if not enrolled full time then they may not be supported by a stipend.
  • - However, discussion of this issue will persist, and GSO will continue to take the stance that students should be allowed to do what they wish with their free time (under the assumption that students confer with their mentors in making these decisions).
4. Cross-school / cross-department classes

  • We are currently limited in which classes we can take (i.e. have agreements only with certain departments), and many students would benefit from the opportunity to take classes from other schools within OHSU – we will now work on pressing this issue – Megan Herting and Kyle Ambert will communicate about it and next steps.Our next meeting will be February 2, 2011 (5:15 Student Center Media Room): agenda to follow.

Our next GSO meeting will be February 2, 2011 (5:15 pm, Student Center Media Room).

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