Friday, February 25, 2011

GSO Meeting Minutes: February, 2, 2011

The February 2 meeting was short due to the Student Center presentation of a Blazer's Game. GSO thanks the Student Center for sharing their beer and pizza!

1. GSO Budget
  • Kristen Haberthur presented out current spending report, and indicated that we went over budget on the GSO ski trip this year. We opted to combine a planned West Campus pub night with the Spring Social to conserve funds.
2. Spring Event
  • Nirzwan Bandolin and Ray Hickey are planning a combined West Campus/Main Campus student event, likely a Pub Night. This will replace the Spring Social.
3. Tax Questions: IRS 1099 Forms
  • Virtual all graduate students receiving training support received an IRS 1099 form from the IRS this year. For some, this raised a number of issues. The SOM has asked to gather feedback from students on how this may impact them, and has offered to provide a tax consultant to talk with us (date TBD).
4. SRF Planning has kicked off, and fund raising letters have gone out to all departments, institutes and foundations. Early response has been promising.

Our next meeting will be March 2, 2011.

Thanks to all who attended!
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