Monday, March 07, 2011

GSO Meeting Minutes: March 2, 2010

GSO meeting, 3/2/2011
Attendance: 19

Sushi provided by Origami Catering

1) Tax consultants coming – James VP, Allison

  • a. March 8th, 4pm Vollum M1441 – ask if you need directions.
  • b. Videoconference to West Campus in the works (see update below).
  • c. Presentation of definitions, rules, guidelines by AKT, followed by Q&A.
  • d. Send questions you would like addressed in the presentation to Allison:
  • Follow up: The meeting will be broadcast to ABC room at Primate Center and Central 123 room at OGI.
2) Student Council/Incidental fees updates – Jason
  • a. Recommendation to President Joe Robertson has been prepared.
  • b. Slow phase out of March Wellness payments over 5 years.
  • c. Decrease the amount of money given to Student Council (which is typically not all spent).

3) SRF/event updates – Allison

a. SRF website is up and functioning.
  • 1. Register/submit abstracts now.
  • 2. Sign up to be a judge – students for posters and faculty for oral presentations.
b. Next SRF planning meeting 3/10

4) GSO ski trip was successful!
  • ~50 people, mostly students, good reports from Village Properties rental management company.

5) West campus events – Nirzwan/council

a. Coffee break had 43 students!

b. Pub night had at least 33 students and turned out to be pretty cheap

c. In the future make sure to advertise to Primate Center as well (get email distribution list/alias), and pub night will be for all OHSU students, somewhere in between

d. GSO meeting at West Campus?
  • 1. Once or twice per year?
  • 2. Video conference?
  • 3. Separate meetings specifically for West Campus?

6) Other business

a. Aetna
  • 1. Dependents Fiasco: Follow up: Aetna’s grace period has been extended to March 15th and OHSU is working to resolve the issue. The message is that we do not have to do anything and dependents will not lose benefits!
  • 2. Triple check your bills! Call customer service with your benefits info in hand.
  • 3. We have a 2 year contract with Aetna, so even with all the problems there will not be bids from other providers for the upcoming year.

Please join us for our next GSO meeting, April 6, 2011.

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