Thursday, April 28, 2011

GSO Meeting Minutes: April 6, 2011


** In anticipation of Tax Day, we reviewed the key points from the AKT's Consulting special presentation (posted to their site at Attendees reported that the session was useful, and that most had already submitted their tax returns in the wake of the 1099's being sent this year.

** Allison and the committee provided an update on the SRF. We are set to go for May 12-13. Registration for submissions closed on Friday, April 22nd.

** Jonathan mentioned that recorded TED talks are already being shown somewhere on campus, but that GSO might want to participate given the excellent content available.

** We discussed updates to Student Health, including the "gatekeeper" role for primary care, and how student's with dependents will need to handle their coverage. Aetna representatives will be speaking at the May GSO meeting.

** West Campus invited all graduate students to a GSO sponsored coffee break on April 27, at the OIG campus. Thanks to Nirzwan and Ray for setting this up.

Next meeting: May 4, 2011.

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