Tuesday, October 04, 2011

1st Graduate Student Organization (GSO) monthly meeting of the year!

1st Graduate Student Organization (GSO) monthly meeting of the year!

Wednesday October 5th, 2011
5:15pm Student Center media room

Our agenda:

* New GSO council introductions.

* Review the budgeting for upcoming events like the BBQs, ski trip, coffee breaks, and the 2012 SRF.

* Free food and soda!

Your GSO Secretary,
Cristina Butterfield

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Cristina said...

Minutes October 5, 2011

James VP
Cristina Secretary
Kelly West campus liaison
Zephy member now
he and Derek sit in at grad council- admin
Will editor of newspaper- vote
Autumn (former secretary did SRF)
Alison (former secretary)
changes to 2012 SRF
combine events to form research week
keep integrity of SRF- with awards
Jackie Wirz (former OHSU student) is organizing
forming subcommittees (Alison heading student subcommittee)
May 7-10 at least 2 keynote speakers.
research from postdocs down to students
schedule not set student presentations spread through faculty or discrete days
contact Alison if you want to join subcommittee.
logistics will get taken care of
next meeting:
fundraising may not necessarily be put on by GSO
classes canceled for SRF? Up to department heads. Fryer encourages
Jonathon (not on council) “SRF shirt guy”
GSO role
student outlet
Fall BBQ conflicted with PMCB retreat
Ski trip (pres day)
need an assistant in planning
Spring BBQ- we are planning on doing it
Taking suggestions from attendees
Stop notifying us of march wellness fee on stipend.
no discussion about march wellness fee at grad council
we need to bring it up at council
conflict with practices/classes at march wellness that does not jive with skeptical grad scientists
Will is taking submissions for student newspaper (“The Pulse”) articles
short, can be about student life, bars reviews, criticisms about march wellness classes
Oct 23 deadline. 250-500 words
can use pseudonyms
2011 Tax seminar presentation on the blog
more tax questions: will we get a 1099-T again? Out of state for the year before starting school?-Probably can file as a permanent student out of state.
want another seminar for newbies – GSO fills this role. Can it?
Insurance: $700 two months forward is for when we quit not for 2 months worth. Deductable has gone up to 70/month.
Fryer wants to know problems with insurance.
Insurance money rep to talk?
Rep on student health committee? Jonathon is volunteering for it.
Zephy can interface with Fryer for you.
We have blog and facebook
Votes, minutes, etc.
link to tax site as a start site