Tuesday, January 03, 2012

OHSU GSO December meeting minutes

December 7, 2011

GSO meeting

20 in attendance




· November stipend

o got a check a few days late

o software upgrade

§ failed after successful tests

o had to manually mail checks

o ITG working on it after that should work in the future


· SRF/Research (May 7-10) week update (Allison Anacker)

o Sessions will be arranged by topic

o Students, faculty and postdocs will present in same session (oral presentation)

o There will be student cash prizes out of GSO SRF budget

o 4 different key notes speakers over the 4 days

§ 2 external (one by students, Darlene Frances (UC Berkley stress and social behaviors) and 2 internal

§ Please give Allison Anacker suggestions

o Session topics will be based on abstracts submitted

o Outreach to Portland is not emphasized this year

o Presentations will be throughout 4 days so class schedule conflicts may still arise, but not sure how to deal with it yet

o Students will not have to fundraise, others involved in research week are funding

o No student sub-committee but if you want to help, please volunteer through Allison


· Student Center (Heather Ennis)

o Elf screening tonight

o construction on gym did start Monday

o Student center will pay for city leagues- Go to Heather for what and if you want to play sports

o Art reception 5-9pm tomorrow- food and wine will be provided


· March Wellness Promo (Joan Feraco)

o Student, faculty, public memberships

o Description of workout equipment, classes (no fees or signups)

o 3 saline pools, warm water therapy pool, steam room

o Food demonstration kitchen

o Check for programs for special events

o Come down for a membership

o Spouses may add on to membership ($65/month) no enrollment fee

o Validate parking

o Yoga at Student Center on the 16th and sometime in January


· Funding of OHSU student groups (Jesse Hollander Student Council President (Dental))

o Last year funding small trips

o Changing funding request

§ Get link to Facebook to the blogspot for request

o Getting March Wellness fees down

o Incidental fee renewal up next week

o Each year budget gets rolled over into a reserve account (not into our budget)

§ Helps OHSU’s overall bond rating

§ up to $1 million all from incidental fees

§ Access account write a proposal due in March

· Tempting to apply it to pay for student’s incidental fees

· Perhaps get something recurring every year

· Another suggestion: scholarship


· GSO ski trip

o Critical assessment of whether we should continue with it

§ Student Council puts another All Hill the month before at the same place

§ Survey open another week

· preliminary results of questions

1. 72% have not attended those that have went to GSO ski trip

2. Split on whether they are interested in attending ski trip (56% no)

3. 48% want to discontinue ski trip

§ the rest split between keeping it and keeping it and moving to Mount Hood

4. 46% more frequent social events, 31% lowering incidental fees

5. 50% would attend neither, 27% would go to GSO ski trip

o All hill is $55 2 nights (party with food last day to sign up is Dec 15), GSO is $100 4 nights (Pres day weekend pick groups for house)

§ about 50 go to GSO (mostly behavioral neuroscience department)


· “Outside the Bench” (Jon)

o Seminar series proposals

§ Last Tuesdays at 5pm (Jan to May)

§ Budget $500 total for year (mostly communication fees)

§ Questionnaire survey for seminar to answer


· Keeping meeting room here

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