Tuesday, April 11, 2006

After months of work, Sonja Billes (3rd year NGP) has completed the second edition of the OHSU student newsletter, now named "The Pulse". I think The Pulse is a great source for student information and dialogue -- things that have been lacking among the OHSU student body in the past. The front page article addresses the proposed increase in our student "incidental fees," an increase that may soon be subtracted from our graduate student stipends. While the money will go to developing a desired OHSU student union-esque building, the money will also go toward financing our required membership in "March," the new OHSU waterfront fitness center. Stay tuned to Your Space for more information about how to voice your opinion and influence these imminent changes.

...and I suppose I have to plug my now-regular Pulse column, "podHEAD" on page 5. This issue reviews the plethora of work Ryan Adams produced in 2005, along with a lesser-known gem put out by the Massachusetts band, Winterpills.

Click the link below to read The Pulse:

Issue 2

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