Friday, April 07, 2006


Welcome to the launch of "Your Space," a much needed, long overdue (albeit cheesy-named) source for OHSU graduate student communication. There have been many important issues that student council has addressed this year, yet very few students are aware of these issues. Likewise, many of student council representatives are unaware of student concerns and ideas. This blog serves to ameliorate those problems. Importantly, I am only one of many other representatives, so please understand that this blog is something that I have established -- it is not operated by anyone but me. I have provided links to the OHSU student council website if you wish to contact the entire council or other representatives.

That said, this blog will serve as an avenue to disperse information among graduate students. If you have concerns and would like to post something on the blog, just send me a "final draft" of your message and I'll post it up for everyone to read. I can also post pictures if needed. There is a link to my e-mail address on the blog. I will update "Your Space" as needed with information and events. I also plan on providing a link to the OHSU Student Newsletter (the next issue is due very soon), and any other projects as they come along.

Please check back soon as I hope to post information that could affect all of us: a major increase in the student incidental fee. Most graduate students do not know that they may have their incidental fee (used for fitness center, among other things) directly subtracted from their stipend in the near future. This could mean hundreds of dollars taken out of your stipend each year. Obviously, it is important that all students know of these issues before they take form. Hence, the "Your Space" blog.




Sonja said...

I'm really glad you started this. I think that once the word gets out, it could be a great place for students to informally communicate (I suppose the newsletter would be one of the more formal means of communication). What a great idea!

You are welcome to post the newsletter here - as the editor, I'm giving you permission.

Good luck and thanks!

norah said...

With regard to the increase in incidental I to understand that starting this July we will be paying for required membership in a fitness center that is not even completed?
Just curious...
Norah Verbout