Friday, October 20, 2006

All-Hill Ski Trip *Please Read Carefully

Below is the information for the upcoming All-Hill Ski Trip in Sunriver, Oregon, January 5-7th. This is one of TWO ski trips this year, with the other ski trip being sponsored by GSO in February. For comparison, the GSO ski trip is smaller in size (obviously), is over a longer period of time, and allows each group to stay in a private house with a hot tub (insert Slim-Jim voice here: "Oh Yeahhhh...."). More on that when the time comes, but for now, we have the All-Hill Ski Trip to enjoy.

Please read the below instructions CAREFULLY, as there are changes this year. One such change is the requirement for one person from each group/condo to hold open a credit card apon check-in to cover potential damages. Hmmm...alcohol consuption = damages? Absurd! Nevertheless, Sunriver is requiring this. There are other changes listed below.

Mark this down: checks will be due FRIDAY NOVEMBER 3rd. Unfortunately, we don't yet know how much the cost will be, but likely $40-$45. I will update Your Space and all of you as soon as I know how much the trip will cost. In the meantime, make your plans and start asking around and forming your groups of 8, 10, 12, or 14 people. A most informal list on your favorite piece of paper will do. Guests are welcome. When it is time to turn in your checks, you can give them to me at 4401 Vollum Institute (4-5455) or any other student council representative (see the side bar to find other, possibly closer representatives). In the meantime, hope for snow.

Below is an excerpt from Amanda Ecker's e-mail to all the student council representatives. Any further quesitons you may should be able to be answered by contacting her at

1. We voted against buses so people will be responsible for getting themselves over there. Suggest carpooling with enough time to organize people into cars?

2. The cost has not been decided yet, we will take a vote on it soon but it will be $40-45. This is the price of one BED. If you have children that you want to bring (and definitely feel free to bring them, it will be family friendly) that use a crib or sleep with you, you DO NOT have to pay the money for that child. However, if your child wants/needs a bed, you DO have to pay for them. There were a few problems with this last year.

1. How do I get to Sunriver? Directions: Sunriver Website has a map. You can also try Mapquest

2. What do I eat while I'm there? There are full kitchens where we are staying including fridge, dishwasher, stove and pots, pans and other utensils. Yea for cooking!Otherwise, "there are a number of dining options at Sunriver Resort. The Meadows at the Lodge, The Grille at Crosswater, or the Merchant Trader Café. For evening entertainment or lighter fare, try The Owl's Nest pub." Dining

3. When & Where do I Check In/Check out? At the Main Lodge.

Check in starts at 4PM, but rooms are not "guaranteed" to be open until 6PM. Please check out by 10:00am Sunday Morning.

4. What does my money pay for? The money covers two nights of lodging as well as the party/family friendly event that will be happening on Saturday night. There will be some snacky food at the party.

5. How do I get Lift Tickets? I've heard that in the past, Zupan's (a grocery store) sells two-day lift tickets for $59. . There is also supposedly a group discount thru Costco? Mt. Bachelor prices can be found here Mt. Bachelor

6. What do I do if I don't ski? Bike, Canoe, Kayak, Ice Skate, ride horses, explore the nature center and much more! Other Options

7. What if I have more questions? Contact Sunriver.

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Anonymous said...

1) ensure that you specify if you want to be a "family friendly" housing area (away from crazy partying).

2)the $40-45 is not per bed but per person sleeping in a bed, double occupancy is assumed (as it would be with 4 people sharing a 2-queensized bed hotel room).