Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Welcome Back!

After a summer-long hiatus, "Your Space" is back. For those of you new to OHSU or unfamiliar with Your Space, it is your source for communication to GSO representatives and dialogue among your fellow comrades. This blog is primarily updated by me, your GSO Vice President, but hopefully I can expand it to make it more interactive. And most UNLIKE the popular Your Space rip-off, "MySpace," there are no solicitations, child pedophilia, or Mark Foleys. Horay!

The first order of business is to announce our inaugural GSO meeting this Wednesday, October 4th at 5:15 in the Vollum Synapse (Floor 2M). We will provide pizza, soda, and a GSO staple, non-offensive beer for offensive people (yes, note the sarcasm). This year promises to be as vocal as last year with many transitions underway, most notably the construction and opening of our yet-to-be-named OHSU student union. As an added note, I am on the student union committee and will use Your Space to announce any significant updates for discussion.

With use, I hope that Your Space will evolve into exactly that: your space to discuss matters that matter to you (...I'm pretty sure that made sense). If anyone wishes to add a posting, just send me a direct e-mail and I can cut and paste your post for open reading and discussion; you can comment to any posting by clicking on the "comments" link toward the bottom of each post.

That's all for now. Happy researching, procrastinating, studying, and aging. I'll see you tomorrow at the GSO meeting.


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