Monday, December 04, 2006

Just Like in New England!

That's right, fellow opinionated graduate students, you can now get those revered degree letters behind your name AND go to school in New England while living in Oregon! Well...not really, but OHSU is flexing some democratic prowess (sorry, no wigs or clam chowda') by having a town hall meeting to discuss the polemical transition of our current fitness center into a student union. This is a big change that will affect all of you, from your incidental fee, to your study space, to your beer drinking habits (which I know only pertains to a few of you). And because we are all graduate students, I just KNOW we have opinions that need to be heard and discussed. Just what is this as-yet-unnamed student union? When will it open? Why do we even want a student union? Why isn't the pool being converted into a skate park? Why will I have take the Zip Line to the Aerial Tram to the Street Car to the MAX to a Tri-Met bus to make my commute easier? Find the answers to these questions and many more on:


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