Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GSO Meeting Minutes: 10-6-2010

10-6-2010 Minutes
Attendance: 15

1. Welcome, introductions, overview of GSO purpose, goals, services, and contacts (Contact: James McCormack mccormac@ohsu.edu).

2. Susan Shugerman, Office of Academic and Student Affairs (Contact: shugerma@ohsu.edu).
  • a. Volunteer fair Thursday, 5-6:30 (please send out a reminder email)
  • b. OMSI Oregon Science & Engineering Festival Saturday October 23, 10 am-4 pm – volunteer to present research OR to help with DDR/exercise exhibit

3. Heather Ennis, Student Center (Contact: ennish@ohsu.edu).
  • a. Student Center for study area, league sports (soccer, basketball, volleyball), pool and hot tub – free for students or $5 drop in fee for guests, ½ price ($75/qtr) for spouse
  • b. Media room – show movies, sports games, etc.
  • c. Support student events even if not held at Student Center – have a PA to loan!

4. Eric Stoffregen – Student Health Advisory Committee (Contact: stoffreg@ohsu.edu).
  • a. Have 2 reps (1 PhD and 1 MS student) and ~2 alternates (could potentially use more alternates, must be appointed by Allison Fryer NOT by GSO)
  • b. Issues with changeover from ODS to Aetna – DO NOT pay credit card fee for adding dependent; contact Jeanne Sutter to use cc to pay, then you will be billed for 20% (check to make sure it’s the right amount) – Add dependents by 10/31/2010 – other issues, contact Eric

5. Opportunities for volunteers and committees (Contact: Allison Anacker anackera@ohsu.edu).
  • Call for volunteers for general help (will email when events come up) and for SRF, particularly chair/co-chair. Please contact Allison to volunteer.
6. 2010-11 budget (Contact: Kristen Haberthur haberthu@ohsu.edu).
  • Planning on similar budget to last year; 2 social events are flexible on dates and activities

7. Communication (Contact: James McCormack mccormac@ohsu.edu).
  • E-mail still preferred method for communication (compared to blog, Facebook, Twitter)

8. West Campus participation (Contact: Nirzwan Bandolin bandolin@ebs.ogi.edu).
  • a. Nirzwan will attend meetings, but it’s hard to get people from WC to make the hour drive to Marquam Hill – ideas for separate meetings at WC (with 1 GSO council member as well) and then report to GSO council
  • b. How to include WC folks in MH events – have other (smaller i.e. coffee/cookies) events at WC (must be outdoor if large) – have events off campus (i.e. bowling had large WC turnout in the past
9. Sign up for GSO contact list and committees (Contact: Allison Anacker anackera@ohsu.edu).
  • Separate list of volunteers kept by Allison

GSO Contact: somgso@ohsu.edu

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