Tuesday, October 02, 2012

October 2012 GSO meeting Agenda

Media Center room, Student Center, OHSU

  • Welcome and Introductions (5 min, Derek Musashe)
  • Fall BBQ assessment (5 min, Cristina Butterfield and GSO Council)
  • Review this year’s budget/finances (5 min, James McCormack)
  • Grad Council Update (5 min, Zephy McKanna)
  • Discussion of the creation of a Career Planning Office at OHSU (10 min, Carolina Glogowski)
  • Research Week 2013 (10 min, Allison Anacker and Jackie Wirz)
  • Library (5 min, Jackie Wirz)
  • Introducing Women in Science club (5 minutes, Allison Anacker)
  • Survey monkey to assess Student Body concerns and needs (10 min, Cristina Butterfield for Kelly Chacon)
    • Do they want career enrichment stuff, teaching opportunities (lab TA-ing at PSU, etc), so on?
    • And ask what type of fun even they want (bowling, pub night, so on).
  • West Campus Beautification! (2 min, Cristina Butterfield)
    • Announcing small weed pulling event at former OGI campus
    • Want to use $50 of West campus events budget for it

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