Monday, November 12, 2012

November 2012 GSO meeting minutes

November GSO Meeting MINUTES 11/7/2012 5:15PM STUDENT CENTER MEDIA ROOM MEETING CALLED BY GSO TYPE OF MEETING Monthly FACILITATOR Derek Musashe NOTE TAKER Cristina Butterfield TIMEKEEPER ATTENDEES Agenda topics 2 MINUTES INTRODUCE GEORGE MEJICANO DEREK DISCUSSION Senior associate dean for education Seen lack of advocate/decision maker for school of med. Some student issues: march wellness, family leave, indebtedness, school calendar, cross department classes, etc. Feel free to contact directly. GSO council has had great workings with George PERSON RESPONSIBLE DEADLINE 5 MIN OHSU MENTORING PILOT PROGRAM BETH RODGERS DISCUSSION Discover OHSU junior and senior high school students. changing direction towards underrepresented students. Pilot project: Jefferson and Woodburn high school (mostly black and Hispanic (respectively)). Want to teach how to become health professionals. OHSU students will visit and talk to high school students-talk about their experience, ethics in health and science, what is OHSU. Looking for teams of students and available for high school OHSU visit. Plan to track high school students and give support t so some end up here. Next year start younger students on to middle schools. Info meeting at noon at mac hall-please RSVP. George comments: diversity encourages richness of thought and to serve diverse community, we must produce diverse professionals. 10 grad students coming Pipeline programs to address diversity at OHSU. 16-20 hours over year (4 visits) 5 MIN STUDENT CENTER/INTRAMURALS UPDATE HEATHER ENNIS DISCUSSION Anything your interested in doing, contact Heather if you want to relax-movie nights, sports, etc. Working on stress release day (early Dec?)- massages, therapy animals-dogs—what time works for you? mid-quarter? Blazer game night? (early Dec?) food and beer provided. Student bookstore closing. What to do with space? Pub? Student and faculty “speed dating” to hear about a lot of different areas quickly Nov 14th pride meet and greet. 5-8 in lounge How to get a pub: address management issues (liquor licenses and hours of operation. POOL.), legal safeguards for operation, rationale-socailization not going to cut it, neither does money-insurance is expensive). Argue for cross-department mingling and business plan. Don’t call it a pub. Pubs have failed-take constituents in account. 5 MIN LIBRARY JACKIE WIRZ DISCUSSION Off campus login changed. contact if you want books. NCBI classes- Jackie is a trainer for all these databases! Sometime in winter and spring-getting to other universities in the area. No open house. Sponsored coffees around campus and at west campus. Data visualization services. consult and get trained! Library has great software-not free to students to use but staff develops images. Open access publishing fund- apply to library to get submission costs if the publication is open access only! 10 MIN RESEARCH WEEK 2013 MAY 20-24 KELLY CHACON DISCUSSION Planning is underway. We don’t have to worry about fundraising. We want 1 day that is student run with workshops (writing, presenting, etc, we want your feedback), coffee breaks, student talks, art show, happy hour, ugly data competition. Need volunteers for subcommittee. 5 MIN GRAD COUNCIL UPDATE CAROLINA GLOGOWSKI DISCUSSION New joint academic calendar is approved going into effect summer 2013. Class schedules are the same. All quarters are 12 weeks. Biostatics course CONJ 620 approved. Make sure you fill out forms with OHSU that you have authorization to teach/work off campus. Informal discussion: Grad studies absorbing support for certificate degrees. 250 more students for cert. students. Think about to how to include them- how to gather student fees? do they have needs to be met. 10 MIN RESULTS OF GRAD STUDENT SURVEY KELLY CHACON DISCUSSION Make it every fall. Summary on blog. 10 MIN HOW TO SPEND STUDENT COUNCIL MONEY OPEN DISCUSSION DISCUSSION General money situation very good. approx. $9000 (kick back + rollover). total $18,000. Get subcommittees going to help organize events. If we refunded, it would be about $15/quarter? Most respondents want events, career training. Research week presentation as incentive for travel funds from extra funds. CONCLUSIONS Investing funds? Endow it? Hard to set aside money because it is supposed to be used that year. That money is up for grabs now. Expect it annually.

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