Wednesday, January 09, 2013

January 2013 meeting minutes

GSO meeting
Student Center
Heather-Last week was the duck game 70ppl, food and beer.
Zip is coming on the 18th.
Shante is doing basketball tournament on the 19th.
Closed on MLK.
Intramurals start 20th
Meet the GSO
Indian food. old library. Recruit help with small events.
at noon on th 29th.
Travel Award
Application is live. Hopefully we keep getting money. applications in already. There will be another round in fall. Money is going through financial so some logistics are being worked out. up to $400. Applications are easy to figure out. Q: can it be used for other things? A:Try wording it on app.
Deadline is Jan 30th. Can get money for past or future events. Next deadline is April 12.
Research Week
Kelly is student rep in steering committee. Trying to get subcommittee to organize student only day. Workshops, student presentations, happy hour. May 20-24. Know any forthcoming post docs? We need them to teach workshops: career-how to get a post doc,-separate career steering committee.
Students choice keynote speaker:waiting on replies. Working through candidates. They can be slow to respond.
If you want anything to be done, email the GSO.
Abstract submissions start in Feb.
There should be massage chair.
Ski Trip
25 ppl. 3 houses. No BNS.
Grad council meeting
Kelly: Fryer proposed student family and vacation leave document modeled after faculty. 5 days per quarter. longer than 15 days and not lumped together. Some logistics with health insurance consistancy. If you have any opinions on this doc (email to request it) tell Fryer.
Down sides: Dont want to be tracked for taking days off. Not enough for others.
How does this fit with students not being employees?
Women in Science
Ask for money. Have a spreadsheet. Want to do a childcare scholarship, invite speakers.
Amounts vary. Most around $1000.
GSO needs to figure out how much we have to give.
Childcare is expensive. Putting options on Facebook.
Official ask next month. Council will vote on what to fund.
Will Giardino-The Pulse
Copies are available. There will be an award. Email

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