Thursday, February 07, 2013

February 2013 Meeting Minutes

Media room
Heather Ennis Student Center updates (Heather not here, she emailed Kelly these announcements)
   Next week:
     Wed 1:30 zip therapy dog.
     Fri-blood drive in gym upstairs 8am-6pm
     Fri-Mug-O-Joe 12-1pm lunch provided
       eat lunch and hang out.- no email?
    comment-out of whip cream today!!!
Grad Council (Zephy not here yet. He came late and gave this update.)
   Rick causing drama.
   2 things family medical leave- only the dean thought that family leave and sick time should be combined. but WIS drew up something that should pass.
    Changes to bylaws: To consolidate programs. Cheating expulsion to go on permanent record. Not on now! How are we going to bring certificate programs into grad.
WIS funding (Kelly)
    GSO council concluded that we give $500 toward speaker or seminar
     motion passed
     Rick will be the go to for reimbursement
Travel award (Kelly)
     judging is being figured out. Monica Hines is in charge of awards. She wanted CVs, essays... but that's not how we are forming this award. Then she didn't get back to her after that.
      Kelly needs volunteers to judge, including a faculty. Zephy and maybe James will help Kelly. She does not want ppl that applied or want to apply.
      About 20ppl applied.
      Announcement will get out by 2/14
Research Week update (Kelly)
    Kelly is the student on the steering committee.
    Student day is looking good. post docs will teach workshop and sit on panels talking about fellowships, writing, etc.
    Bringing in professionals for other workshops.
    At the end is a reception. Kelly wants the president to come talk. Pinkies up! Celebrate students.
    Must design T-shirt. Kelly will send out an email to solicit students to submit designs.
    Kelly is trying to get keynote speakers.
    GSO contributing $3000, including student presentation awards.
Meet the GSO recap (Kelly)
    more food next year. good turn out.
    We got volunteers for stuff.
Bowling night (Cristina)
    We want to do a joint Hill/West campus grad student bowling night in late April.
    We want food, bowling, shoes, and two beers.
    To get a head count, Rick suggested we do a pre-sale, then increase the price at the door.
         Rick said that grad studies could take pre-sale money. Send check or cash interdepartmental mail or drop off?
        CB suggests to sell pre-sale until end of March to give enough time to arrange with bowling alley.
    Attendees agreed on whichever day of the week we can get a good deal.
    CB will call bowling alleys to check availability.
Pub night (Cristina)
    West campus is having a pub night on March 7 at Malones.
Tax talk (Kelly)
     last 2 years have been somewhat successful but hindered by legal reasons.
     This year we want to have informal anecdotal student to student seminar.
    medical RJH 4th classroom is large-Rick
     get powerpoints from previous years' talks
     anecdotes pane:l audited, amended
     Split into subgroups after panel?
GSO ski trip
     everythings reserved. same company as last year. BNS is doing a fall beach trip.
    Please take pictures.
     Think about incorporating GSO into the All Hill ski trip.
What about the old bookstore?
   What will it be? Still don't know.

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