Thursday, March 07, 2013

OHSU GSO March 2013 Meeting minutes

Student Center (Heather Ennis via Kelly)
·         Registration starts on March 11 for intramurals
·         Mug of Joe Friday at noon
·         Zip the therapy dog will be on Friday  11:30-1:30pm
·         Quiz bowl in media room April 4th
Grad council Zephy
·         They came up with a family medical leave policy-an accomadation policy not leave
·         8 weeks every parent adopted or biological child both parents get time
·         During that 8 weeks you’ll have modified duties-basically nothing unless it would cause your thesis research restart. Others could help keep animal lines going for example
·         Q: can you take multiple leaves for multiple children
·         A: It’s a per pregnancy policy
·         You can postpone everything for one term. One term extension. Doesn’t apply to automatic extension 7-8 years.
Research Week-Kelly
·         Kelly got a keynote speaker by calling people-David Snider (Stanford) how our bodies recover from infection. Keynote will happen on Friday May 24 at 4pm (time could change).
·         Student day will happen on Friday now after awards on Thursday but this will emphasize that this year marks the 30th would-be SRF.
·         Kelly needs a replacement for next year. Should it be a GSO officer? Kelly says yes only because GSO funds the student awards.
·         Career development workshops led by post docs and professionals.
·         Workshops for post docs will happen on Wednesday, students on Friday.
Events- Cristina
·         Pub night Thursday night
·         Tax workshop on Friday
·         Bowling night advert will go out on Monday after this busy week is over. Will promote that it is only $3 for a night of bowling and 2 drinks.
Ski trip-John Harkness
·         Some body broke their collar bone skiing. House owner claimed one of the houses sustained damage? $200? Not the students that did that damage.  Threatened not to come back. They dropped the damage charge and welcome us back next year.
·         That was the only drama. Everything else went fine.

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