Wednesday, May 01, 2013

May 2013 GSO meeting minutes

Student Center update
May 3 Zip therapy dog 11:30-1:30
Oregonian doing story about it
May 8 Diversity dinner at Nucleus lounge 5pm. Food is good.
May 15 Dentist speed dating to figure out specialty
May 16th in the gym volunteer award
SOM alumni student (Mark Kempbell) (email to contact him)
alumni council needs a student on the council
position description
wants GSO to help candidate someone to represent grad students in council, currently MD centric. Retreat in June. Student activities committee meeting <2/year
Trying to get career networking up and running.
Meets in the deans office.
Come in anytime
Next meeting is retreat June 15th. 
Grad council/ meeting (Zephy)
1. New parent adjustment passed
2. 3 minute thesis during Research Week all research in 3 minutes one slide
Fall BBQ
moving it to Oct 4.(Friday first week of classes)
orientations are changing. student life wants to be integrated. 
Research Week
Student subcommittee doing great job-T-shirts, catering, speaker at reception, programming finalized, 
Now is detailed and trying to publicized
May 20-24 
Fryer has Naturally Obsessed documentary . cant show it without paying licensing fees.
we will look into it.
Fryer is writing grant and wants 1st year student experience different--form interdisciplinary groups for  a projects like find a keynote speaker. GSO loves idea of them taking this off our hands.
Spring BBQ
Student council is giving $2000
giant jenga? other lawn games. upgrade ideas-more money for servers-beer, wine, food. more food options like better side options from elephant deli.
GSO needs a logo
We have extra money for professional merchandizing
300-1500 (crowd source contest design site or individual graphic designer) 
or art institute for cheaper but we can interact with them
Derek is getting a couple more quotes from pros. Kelly is getting PSU and James McC is getting someone from art institute
We have nominations for next year.
Secretary-Cristina Butterfield
Treasurer- Marie 
VP- John Harkness
P- Kelly Chacon
Bowling night was a hit. 71 ppl spent $1900 need to deposit money from the door.

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