Wednesday, October 02, 2013

October GSO meeting minutes

GSO October 2013 10.2.2013 12pm Old Library Romm 221
Meeting called by GSO
Meetings Facilitator John Harkness
Note taker Cristina
Attendees Cristina Butterfield, John Harkness, Lizzy Sunderhaus, Chelsey Kline, Jackie Wirz
BBQ 10 min John Discussion We’re getting it catered by Elephant’s deli. T-shirts for $5 and free for volunteers. 600-800 ppl. Email went out.
 Library 10 min Jackie Wirz Discussion Wed 9th 1 hour data management. Small grant for data management. Reception with food, beer and wine. Sign up for help with data management. First 15 ppl to sign up get $50 amazon. They’ll come to you. Same as PMCB retreat but more. Filing naming, places where you can publish data sets, how to find validated data. Conclusions Next spring Jackie will learn about data management to apply it to practices the following year. For example, don’t use H drive because ITG can erase it. Want to do electronic notebooks? Contact Jackie-they have partnerships with labguru.
Spring Grad Council 5 min John Harkness Discussion Qualifying exams: standardizing over programs.

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