Wednesday, January 08, 2014

January Meeting minutes

Jan minutes
20 attendees
What is the GSO
Research Week
Research competitions
4 person team (financial, regulatory, bench researcher, PI)
3 minute competition for each member-pipeting, photo scavenger hunt, go to presentations, “celebrate everyday activities of research”
Add “life” to research week
Draw interdisciplinary fields to different talks. Med and nursing can participate.
Research jeopardy
What do you get?-bragging rights
Here because they need volunteers.-email John Harkness
To come up with jeopardy questions for example
            Planning now
            Building keynotes from other schools as well
            Workshop forming (how to write an abstract, etc)
            Student committee come up with t-shirt design
                        Integrate nutrition element
            Student day will remain (Tues)
            Speed dating through alumni association
Student choice keynote speaker
Been difficult emailing candidates-either unavailable or no feedback
In the future, have a committee or invite 2 years in advance
Pub night
Late Feb Thursday nights are good for them
$300 as a budget. Buy pitchers and snacks up to that point.
Suki’s takes liability for not over-serving.

Other comments from attendees
Employees given a bigger discount on Trimet passes. Through the benefits package. Students don’t like not having this steeper discount. Kelly will talk to George Mejicano or Allison Fryer about it.
Neuroscience interest group proposed. There will be a non-PSU meeting through the PSU Neuroscience interest group later this month.

Vollum NGP seminar on Friday 2pm M1 441

Assistant prof at Reed talk about being a professor at a liberal arts college

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