Wednesday, February 05, 2014

February 2014 Meeting notes

Feb 2014 GSO Meeting notes
Noon-1pm in Synapse Vollum 2M
Pub night (Kelly)
Can buy pitchers and pints at same price. Feb 27th

Grad Council (Rick)
Library is doing brown bag writing workshops

Student center (list from Heather afterwards)
Zip Feb 7th and 21st 11:30-1:30pm
New Art up on Feb 12th
Closed President’s Day Feb 17th
No Intramurals 1-20th
SoD speed dating Feb 18th so gym closes from 1-10pm
SoN Speed Dating Feb 19th gym closes all day
*Halo Tournament Feb 19th media room 5-9:30pm

Research week (John, Kayly)
Student designed t-shirts. Want multiple designs to decide from
Same workshops as last year.
Keynote speaker
Jeff Lithman (neuroscience-pioneered imaging technique and “connectomics”)
Great with students.
Flight is expensive. Neuroscience group might chip in. See Annika Erikson from BCB/BICC (SANE student group). Kayly will follow up.
Workshops leading up to:
Writing abstracts, presentations, etc.

Women in science (Kayly)
12 10:30 careers in global health
25 happy hour Shanghai Tunnel
March or May joint cancer talk

Trimet subsidy update (Kelly)
Employee union bargained a reduced cost Trimet pass. Students are not unionized and are unlikely to do it.

Grad student informal activity: Pilot meetup (Lilly Winfree and John)
Bouldering at the circuit on Macadam
7-8 people
Good mixing of departments
How about individuals of different departments?
How about more regular activities?
Ultimate Frisbee or climbing, etc.

How about a central bulletin board?
Or have a department rep to put it up in each department.-Rebecca S. from Epi/Biostats can help

Event announcement:
Art therapist March 4th Annika Eriksson’s coordinating
Stress relief themed. Do art as therapy. Thinking of Marquam room. Need a source of funding perhaps from wellness center or student center.

Rob West for blogging about a grad student a month

Hooding ceremony Grad Students??

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