Wednesday, June 04, 2014

June GSO Meeting Minutes

Grad Council
Stipend raise
If your stipend already falls within the new range (from $26,000-27,500 to $27,000-28,500) then you might need to negotiate a raise with your PI and/or department head.
Minimum stipend has raised.
From the discussion in the meeting, some departments have different protocol on if and when you get a raise.

WIS on hiatus for summer
There will be a happy hour in mid July
Want to get involved or have suggestions on brown bag-contact Kayly Lembke.

spent about $450
Annual budget is $13,500 same as last many years.
Got rid of SRF and ski trip.
Added pubnights and

volunteer names collected

Research Week
poster sizes hard to find
need to have adverts for presenters in every department
student only presentations still good

Voting Welcome!
GSO president Kelly-voted in
GSO vice president Kayly-voted in
GSO secretary Lilli-voted in
GSO treasurer- Monique Smith-voted in

Next year
have council (all-hill, grad affairs steering, )reps come to our meetings
encourage representation from programs?
  would be a good idea.
  formalize reps

From Mug of Joe
Need more outreach
  NW noggin mornings July and August. teach at-risk kids about neuroscience
  Velo Cult wants to do more science pub events

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