Wednesday, May 14, 2014

May 2014 GSO meeting minutes

Grad council-
   Mini seminar series is being piloted in the fall for incoming grad students to help them with their grad career, including Critical thinking, Time management, Presentation skills, and Team dynamics. If Dr. Fryer's grant is funded, these classes will be mandatory for future classes.

Bowling night-
   Successful! 92 people came, spent $1944.
    Next year reserve more people to get more lanes, this year we promised 60.
Research week
  feedback-where's the beer?
      more food
       receptions every night?
budget was cut this year so no extra money
     can we realocate money from awards to beer
     department co-sponsor or other sponsors
alt careers, disappointed in variety in speakers
alumni night had all kinds of variety
   really liked all of that.

Women in Science announcements:
Science policy brown bag 11:30am Tues June 3. 11:30 am Mac Hall 2201
Brown bag with postdoc org-financial planning tomorrow May 15 Vollum 1441 2:30pm

Spring Quarter pub night
Thursday May 22nd
Suki, On Deck, Portland sports bar (patio), Lil Cooperstown? Probably Suki's because it will be easiest for us on short notice.

Spring BBQ June 13 5pm
   Need volunteers. Come eat and drink

New Council
   If interested, contact the current council for how to get on the ballot for June meeting

Q: What is the GSO travel award?
3-4 students each term, $400, based on need and seniority

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