Tuesday, May 19, 2015

GSO meeting MAY2015

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes
May13, 2015
12pm, BRB381
1.     Graduate Steering Committee Student Representative       Alison Fryer (assistant dean of grad studies)
a.     Proposed description of the responsibilities and duties: represent students on the Graduate Steering Committee. This is the creative arm of Graduate Council and meets every other week on Tuesday at 1:45-2:45pm. Past representatives are Alison Stickles and Danielle Robinson
b.     Alison also wants to improve communication between her and the graduate student body
                                          i.    If you have ideas on how to do this please contact GSO or Alison directly
2.     Financial/Insurance Update    Rick Goranflo
a.     New insurance provider as of Sept 1, 2015: Pacific Source
                                          i.    Similar coverage to Aetna
b.     Dependent insurance continued for next year, but with some differences
                                          i.    All dependents will be charged the same as individuals, so price will depend on the number/kind of dependents
                                         ii.    Payments to cover dependents will have to be paid QUARTERLY instead of monthly, reimbursement available from deans office
c.     SOM is hiring a healthcare counselor full time to advise students on how to get coverage, starts Aug 2015
d.     Information released in a couple weeks with all the details
e.     Questions? Contact Rick Goranflo: goranflr@ohsu.edu
3.     Budget Update   Rick Goranflo
a.     We are on track with the budget, we use all our money, but don’t go over
4.     All Hill Update                Kayly
a.     Gala was a success: 10% of those that RSVP’d were Grad Students (22ppl)
b.     All-Hill had elections: New president
c.     Spring edition of the Pulse was released
5.     Spring BBQ        Kelly
a.     Location issues because of construction in the MAC Hall courtyard
b.     will be on the SON lawn with lots of signage to guide people over there
c.     Friday, June 12
d.     Will need lots of volunteers!!
6.     Setting up a GSO archive in the OHSU archives     Kayly
a.     Max Johnson in the OHSU Archives, would be great to start a permanent GSO archive where we can archive our fliers, photos from our events, meeting notes. the benefit of this is adding a legacy for future councils to which they can refer, and also establishing a graduate student legacy and record. They already have a huge archive for medical students but not one for grad students.
7.     Research Week debrief               Kayly
a.     Some students didn’t have their posters judged on student day
b.     Poster categories need to be better, some students found themselves in a sea of clinical posters
c.     GSO is looking for Keynote speaker ideas for next year, contact GSO
8.     Library/ Professional Development Center            Jackie Wirz
a.     CLSB study room hours extended
b.     Big Data class being offered this summer
                                          i.    1 week, 2nd week of June
                                         ii.    Contact Jackie to register or for more info: wirzj@ohsu.edu
c.     Business/ Technology interest group starting fall 2015
                                          i.    Networking and info opportunities
d.     Peer Mentoring group starting
                                          i.    Professional development from your peers
                                         ii.    Independent of program
                                        iii.    Contact Jackie
e.     What do people need? Any specific journals you wish we had access to?
                                          i.    Endnote will be offered FREE to students next year
9.     Officers for next year: Nominations          Kelly/Kayly/Lilli
a.     Secretary: Courtney Betts, 4th year, CDB
b.     Treasurer: Shannon Liudahl, 3rd year, CANB
c.     Research Week Student Chair as a GSO liaison to be added to the bylaws.
                                          i.    Proposed description of the responsibilities and duties: The duties of the Research Week Student Chair shall be to represent and champion graduate student interests on the Research Week planning committee, especially as it pertains to planning and organizing Student Day. In order to fulfill these responsibilities, the Student Chair shall assemble a representative body of graduate students who shall comprise the Student Day Sub-committee. These individuals shall aid the Student Chair in the execution of her or his duties. The Student Chair shall be instated by the GSO officers in June of each year and shall help in the transition of his or her successor. 
10.  Next month                    Kelly/ Kayly
a.     vote on the budget
b.     Vote on Officers
11.  Upcoming events           Lilli
a.     Coffee Break NEXT Thursday

b.     Spring BBQ –Will need volunteers

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