Wednesday, April 01, 2015

April 2015 GSO Meeting Minutes

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes
April 1, 2015
12pm, BRB381

1.     Women in Science
a.     May 13, 5-8:30pm: OMSI co-sponsored semi-annual faculty and student happy hour mixer at OMSI
                                          i.    See WIS facebook page for more information
2.     Research Week-
a.     It is one month away!
b.    We had approximately 200 abstract submissions at last count
c.     Student Day is May 4. (Rough schedule)
                                          i.    10am GSO hosted Coffee and light breakfast
                                         ii.    1030am CorExtravaganza, followed by lunch,
                                        iii.    1pm Jackie Wirz: Professional Development Center Resources
                                        iv.     followed by poster sessions
                                         v.    4pm Keynote: Chuan He, Ph.D. "Reversible RNA and DNA methylation in gene expression regulation"
                                        vi.    5pm reception
d.    Tuesday May 5: faculty lightning rounds
e.     Wednesday May 6: 3 Minute Thesis Competition
                                          i.    Register by April 27
f.     Thursday May 7: mock study section with audience participation.
g.    Student Day Keynote speakers for next year – any suggestions?
                                          i.    Email Kayly Lembke or with suggestions
h.     Beautiful and Ugly data competitions with prizes
i.      Professional Development Center is sponsoring workshops
                                          i.    Data visualization: Be a visual ninja—Tuesday, April 7, 12-1pm MAC1162
                                         ii.    How to make a poster that doesn’t suck—Thursday, April 9, 12-1pm OHSU 8th floor auditorium
                                        iii.    Email Jackie Wirz with questions

3.     All Hill Notes:               
a.     May 8 is the Gala – tickets $10? (Yes, you can wear a tiara)
b.    There will be a call soon for All Hill elections
                                         ii.    Next meeting is Friday, April 10, noon in MRB310
a.     Parking and Transportation: Each school has an allotment of motorcycle parking spaces and program approvers decide how those spaces are allotted within their schools. Apparently motor cycle parking spaces need to be obtained through these channels, and apparently there may be a discounted rate for students – right now the general rate is $60/month.
                                        iii.    Contact SOM for a permit
a.     The Pulse (Student Newsletter)
                                        iv.    Calling for articles this month, deadline is Friday April 24th
                                         v.    email David Edwards with ideas for articles

4.     Student center updates             
a.     Pool closed for maintenance Mar 30-Apr 6

5.     NGP-BHN merger         
a.     The GSO officers learned in a meeting with George Mejicano that the SOM is considering merging the Neuroscience Graduate Program and the Behavioral Neuroscience program to be one umbrella program. It is not clear what this will mean for students/ curriculum/ faculty/ training grants, but any and all student concerns, comments, or questions are needed in the next few weeks. Email George Mejicano directly or the GSO can submit your comments anonymously if you prefer, but be heard! The administration is asking for your input because this affects you!
                                          i.    The general consensus is that students are concerned, but lack knowledge of what is actually happening. Students want to be informed and want a meeting with George Mejicano or someone that can answer their questions.

6.     GSO travel award deadline extended until Monday, April 6.  

7.     Call for candidates for open GSO officer positions for next year
a.     Generally, how our election process works is: we put out the call this month, people announce themselves next month, and then we vote in June at our last meeting
b.    We have three current officers running for next year:
                                          i.    Kayly Lembke (Vice President, running for President)
                                         ii.    Lilli Klug (Secretary, running for Vice President)
c.     Open positions:
                                          i.    Secretary
                                         ii.    Treasurer
d.    Email the GSO with questions or bids for candidacy by May 13th
e.     Voting June 3rd

8.     Upcoming events         
a.     Coffee Break on April 16th at 2pm
b.    Bowling night Saturday, April 18
                                          i.    Pay $5 at the door instead of $8
1.     RSVP here:

9.     Next Meeting: May 13th *MOVED DUE TO RESEARCH WEEK* 

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