Tuesday, October 31, 2006

All-Hill Ski Trip: Final Update and Important Information

Follow these "simple" instructions:

(1) Make checks payable to "OHSU Student Council". The cost is $50/person.
(2) Organize your own group of less than 14 people
(3) Gather all the checks from your group and write everyone's name on a sheet of paper, papyrus, or whatever.
(4) IMPORTANT: mention if you want "Family Friendly" housing, which is essential a block of condos that will be quiter; if you're looking to party, don't ask for family friendly housing unless your idea of a party is playing house or going to bed before 10PM.
(5) Turn your sheet into any student council representative BEFORE Friday November 10th -- yes, this is an extended due date from the previous due date of November 3rd.

***Again, the due date is: FRIDAY NOVEMBER 10TH.

Any questions? Contact Amanda Ecker at eckera@ohsu.edu
Any comments? Post them here.

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