Wednesday, March 05, 2014

March 2014 Meeting notes

Grad Council update (John)
Still arguing over qualification exams
They would like if all students wrote grant proposals. Trying to decide what's going into it- budget?
Library update- none
Student center update-
Thursday March 6th-full dinner and wine
Gym closed Friday 7th Black tie ball
Mug o Joe (Robertson) April 28th
Quiz bowl April 3rd
Research week update
Abstract submission deadline extended
3 keynote speakers
Workshops: make a poster, oral presentation, abstract (passed). How to get through grad school, get a job, mentor relationships.
Tuesday night reception/speed dating
Pub night debrief
It was really fun! Long happy hour 5-8pm. Interlab participation. Budget's doing well. Would like to do it more often.
Bowling night breaking details
April 19th. Should get head count through a presale $3. $5 at the door. Expect about 75 again but just in case there are less, we'll get a heads up.
Women in science
lunch March 10 and 11th Bringing in Kim Stegmaier for seminar-coffee hour and lunch with students (round table). free lunch!
Need money $$$ for catering $200 for all events. email julia maxim
Coffee breaks
Would like to bring them up to the BRB/MRB area from the student center
Vollum contacts:
Jill 1st floor
Liz Lawson Webber

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