Wednesday, April 02, 2014

April 2014 GSO Meeting Minutes

April 2014 GSO meeting notes
1.      Taxes (John’s guest)
a.       Justin Kribs (Mac Hall 1120 Registrar and Financial Aid Office (503) 494-7872)
his time is free to you!!
certified CFP-looks at debt and whole life (looking to get married, become consciously coupled, long term planning)
no one in finance looks at grad studies
for example, the 1099-Misc situation
we have resource, but not enough for long term planning
can help with best ways of using the money you have
no sales or agenda
can't invest money for you or suggest insurance.
also cannot offer tax advice
offer classes and post presentations online
He is here at any time (7am-8pm) for you and your family
Can defer loans if you are full time grad student
2.      Center for Diversity and inclusion (Kelly’s guest)
Diversity Climate Survey 
2010 was the last time there was a survey
perceptions of diversity and inclusion on campus
this year there will be a followup
survey will be online
drawings for participating (first 100 respondents get coffee cart)
3.      Research week (John)
            Full schedule is online-keynote speakers everyday
            Student day has career workshops
            Alumni association is hosting reception with grad alum to talk about alternative careers that they've done
            Jackie Wirz is doing a data visualization workshop
4.      Grad council
a.       dress code
     for entire OHSU.
     Need to take temperature of attendees wrt dress code
     There've been a lot of complaints about people wearing scrubs in public space-buses, elevators
      Comments on preliminary dress code:
       "This is ridiculous!"
       "We don't work with patients"
       "It is sexist." 
b.      stipend raise
      haven't had a cost of living increase in 2 years.
      they voted for an increase but not sure what it will be
      $1500 increase would put us on pace with UW
      Mention to department head or faculty members that cost of living has increased
      4th floor conference Mac Hall Tuesday at 3pm
5.      GSO Spring events
a.       Bowling night (Cristina)
                                                              i.      Plug date and presale
                            April 19
b.      Quarterly pub night
                                                              i.      Set date for another Spring pub night
                            May 22
c.       BBQ date announcement (Friday June 13)
6.      Student center updates
7.      Other student run events
a.       Bouldering grad student hang out
"satellite GSO event" at the circuit at 6pm until whenever $10 day pass, $4 for shoes

b.      WIS announcements
April 22nd at Henry's, inviting special faculty to come to encourage mingling. Networking, advice. Engage in conversations about life and career.
     Upper back of Henry's
April 28th at noon.
      For postdocs, about balancing families/childcare with career.
      Flyers/room TBA.
      Same time as mug of joe.

Student portal
    Will replace the bulletin
    All news applicable to you (program, degree, year) will populate in "widgets"
    When it goes live this summer, there will be no more bulletin

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