Friday, December 12, 2014

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes: December 3, 2014

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes
December 3, 2014
12pm, BRB381

1.    Travel Awards: Deadline extended to December 19th. APPLY FOR FREE MONEY!

2.    All-Hill update 
a.    Ski Trip: Jan 16-17(MLKJr. Wknd)
                                          i.    $65/ students, $85/guest
                                         ii.    Questions? Contact Andrew Sloan or Kayly Lembke
b.    Holiday Movie: ELF, December 4th @ 5:30
c.    Security at CLSB: armed, cell security if feeling insecure at night at CLSB
d.    Student center gym closed Dec 15-28
e.    Student Health now has extended hours on Thursday: 7am-9pm

3.    WIS
a.    Brown Bag on December 2nd with Owen McCarty
b.    Programming to start up again in January

4.    Research Week Update/ Teaser       
a.    “The Path Traveled” = theme for RW2015
                                          i.    Want to highlight new faculty
b.    Student Day is May 4th
                                          i.    If you are interested in helping with planning, contact GSO about being on a committee

5.    Volunteer Opportunities
a.    Science Fair Judging in the spring open to grad students
                                          i.    Go to or contact Tyler Risom for more information

6.    Student Blog: WE NEED BLOGGERS
a.    Contact Tia Linder for more information
b.    Also, Pulse is still accepting, contact David Edwards

7.    Coffee Break on December 18th at 2pm
a.    Requests: Pecan Pie, Hannukah Doughnuts, Fruit

8.    Pub Night on December 11th at Suki’s, 5-7pm
a.    GSO buys food and drink until the money runs out

9.    No word on the fate of health care
a.    Contact Rick Goranflo for more information

10.  Next Meeting: January 7th

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