Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Minutes
January 7, 2015
12pm, BRB381
1.     All-Hill update   
a.     We are still not allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus (why this matters I have no idea, but it came up)
b.    They will be putting blue emergency lights in the Schnitz lot soon - is there anywhere up here students do not feel safe?
                                          i.    There are 4 officers on duty at the waterfront and they respond to things in order of importance
c.     If you want to post anything in CLSB, you need to get permission from the Operations office
d.    They will be installing Comcast or AppleTV soon in the student lounge down there....
2.     The Pulse (student newsletter) is accepting submissions, anything!
a.     Contact David Edwards
3.     WIS     
a.     WIS is having a happy hour
                                          i.    Wednesday, January 28 @ NW Lucky Lab from 530-8pm
b.    Sat Acad Class, the topic of which is synaptic plasticity,
                                          i.     if anyone is interested in getting involved, contact Kayly

4.     Research Week Update
a.     Reminder that Student Day May 4th
                                          i.    Will include a Core Resource Extravaganza! to answer all your questions about core facilities/resources, poster session, keynote speaker
                                         ii.    Subcommittee is planning events. Contact Kayly with any ideas for programming
b.    Career Networking night will be on Wednesday, hosted by SOMAA

5.     Library Update  Jackie Wirz
a.     librarians in the BICC are now doing office hours and you can find those hours on their website or via email
b.    Open Science Happy Hour: January 21st, 4-6pm in MRB310
                                          i.    Discussion about the sharing of data
                                         ii.    Will have “refreshments” (read: beer and wine)

6.     Career Development center update         Jackie Wirz
a.     Resource for you to figure out what you are going to do when you grow up
b.    Provides skills, resume review, etc.
c.     Contact Jackie Wirz (503) 201-3543 day or night!

7.     Student Health Insurance update            Rick Goranflo
a.     No change until 9/1/15
b.    Individual Student Health Care will be merged with PSU
                                          i.    No real change to individual coverage
                                         ii.    PIs will save money
                                        iii.    Dental is not offered by PSU, but OHSU will cover
                                        iv.    Dependents not covered by PSU plan
1.     It is not resolved how dependents will be covered.
                                         v.    Rick will have another update at next month’s meeting
8.     Student Center Update
a.     Showing Ducks game on Jan 12 with refreshments and food
b.    Art Opening Jan 22 night, wine and beer

9.     Student Neuroscience interest Group Roundtable: Music, job satisfaction
a.     January 23 @ 2pm in the student center

10.  Coffee Break on January 15th at 2pm    

11.  Pub Night on December 11th went swimmingly well despite the wind!       
a.     We had, what, 36 people come? We ran out of money early, so we might want to do pitchers next time to regulate #'s of drinks so that way late comers have a chance. We could also just increase the budget for it too, either way. Suki's was super helpful and I think next time let's do a pubquiz!
b.    GSO buys food and drink until the money runs out

12.  Next Meeting: Feb 4th

113.  5 GSO Travel Awards Awarded: $400 each
a.     Apply 1 month before term ends
b.    Email
                                          i.    Include letter/registration for conference
                                         ii.    Good to apply after conference
                                        iii.    Seniority and how many times you have applied are factors

                                        iv.    More awards if requesting less than $400

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