Thursday, February 05, 2015

Graduate Student Organization Meeting Agenda
February 4, 2015
12pm, BRB381
1.     All-Hill update
a.     Sakai is changing help desk hours from 8-10 to 9-5… Let GSO or help desk know if this is a problem
b.    The Wellness Center has ended its Thursday extended hours due to loss of human power. Also, there are no more same-day appointments until April or they get the staffing problem fixed, whichever comes first.
c.     Submissions for the Pulse - always taking what he can get AND you can put it on your CV as a publication!!

2.     Women in Science
a.     OMSI to host happy hour with Women in Science in May, possibly to include OMSI after dark events

3.     Administration is seeking feedback on the Portal. Lilli Klug has volunteered to be student rep, so send any thoughts or feedback to her:

4.     Vote: GSO-hosted student breakfast during research week        
a.     Amount: $200
b.    Monday, May 4th, 9am
c.     Students, keynote speakers, and core speakers invited
d.    Coffee and light breakfast
e.     Voting next month

5.     Student center updates
a.     They will be showing Blazer games
b.    Closed for President’s day

6.     Career Development  Center
a.     CV/Resume Workshops in March – Look for emails
b.    Upcoming class on data and info management

7.     Upcoming events         
a.     Coffee Break on February 19th at 2pm
b.    Bowling night to be in April
c.     Spring Pubnight in early March

8.     Next Meeting: March 4th

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